Why Are Derek Jeter Rookies Valuable?

In one of our previous articles we defined what it meant to own a Derek Jeter Rookie card. We analyzed each of his most iconic cards between 1992 and 1996, and we determined that it’s mostly a matter of perspective. Having said that, there are still cards that seem to be objectively more valuable than others…by why?

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In our “Which Derek Jeter Rookie Card To Focus On” post we saw that 2 cards in particular stood out from the rest but why those 2? Why not any one of his other rookies, especially the earlier ones? Let’s find out.

Derek Jeter Rookie Card Analysis

The best way to start analyzing something is to view it at a glance.  Below is a table created using data extracted from psacard.com.


derek jeter 1992 chart 2021-1


From the table, it is evident that the majority of 1992 Derek Jeter rookies are graded PSA 9 and lower, with only a handful of each card being graded as PSA 10. Now you might be thinking, there are plenty cards with a decent percentage of PSA 10’s, why did we say that there is only a “handful”? This is where total number versus ratio needs to be analyzed. A good example is the 1992 Classic 4 Sport Derek Jeter Rookie autograph. While the card has a high PSA 10 ratio, only 6 cards have ever been graded, with 4 being PSA 10.

Now looking across the board and taking into consideration the total number of cards graded along with a low ratio of PSA 10’s, it is evident that 7 cards stand out the most.

  • 1992 Classic Draft Pick Derek Jeter rookie - $1,550 (750)

  • 1992 Classic Best Blue Bonus Derek Jeter Rookie - $1,900

  • 1992 Fleer Procards Gulf Coast Yankees - $2,250

  • 1992 Front Row Draft Picks Derek Jeter - $853

  • 1992 Front Row Draft Picks Derek Jeter Silver -$14,000 (1650)

  • 1992 Front Row Draft Picks Derek Jeter Gold – $7,000

  • 1992 Little Sun High School Prospects Derek Jeter - $12,500

While the prices are by no means low, especially for the average collector, there is a 1992 Derek Jeter rookie that outshines all of the above. The 1992 Little Sun High School Prospects Derek Jeter Autograph which sold for a whopping $60,000 in 2019. While extremely impressive this price tag pales in comparison to the top 2 Derek Jeter rookies…but why?

1992 Little Sun Derek Jeter #NNO Autographed

It all has to do with supply, demand, and ratios. Looking at all the 1992 cards graded, the grand total comes down to 19,336. The 1993 SP Derek Jeter rookie #279 has over 17,000 copies graded alone. But that’s not the only impressive point. Out of over 17 thousand cards graded, there have only ever been 21 PSA 10’s. This is a ratio of 0.12%! Therefore the chances of finding a mint condition 1993 SP Derek Jeter rookie are astronomically lower than any other card from 1992 (and 1993 for that matter).

It is no wonder that this card commands such a high premium, with the highest price ever paid being $180,000 in January, 2020.

1993 Topps Derek Jeter #98

Which Is The Most Expensive Derek Jeter Rookie Card?


So is this the most expensive Jeter rookie? With a ratio like that it has to be correct? Well not exactly. The highest priced 1992 Derek Jeter rookie saw its value come from the player’s autograph, the highest priced 1993 Derek Jeter rookie saw its value in its extremely number of high quality cards…1996’s highest priced card saw its value soar from exclusivity.

The 1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold #100 had a print run of only 30. Only 16 of those were ever graded by the PSA, and just 2 were PSA 10’s. The extreme rarity of this card, coupled with massive demand and an elusive nature has sold for a massive $202,102 in 2019.

1996 select certified derek jeter gold


There are many reasons why Card X can be more valuable than Card Y. While not always apparent, digging into the subtle nuances can almost always answer the question. Are there any cards you would like us to compare and analyze? Let us know in the comments below.

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